Thursday, October 22, 2009

It’s A Long Way to Tipperary

That old World War 1 song kept surfacing from one person to another as we drove the 3800 kilometers (approx. 2200 miles) to Vancouver Island.

I can’t tell you how strained my eyes were when it grew dark and we drove around the lake head of Lake Superior. I watched sign after sign, saying watch for moose crossing; one was flashing in bright lights; seeming foreboding. My imagination was getting the best of me; I half expected a wide-eyed moose to jump out in front of us just for the sport of it..

At one point in Manitoba, we were making good timing, waking well before the sun rose from our hotel room and setting off, but things slowed considerably when a train that had to be at least two and half miles long crossed our path at turtle's pace, even our dog Lucy had to wonder what was going on.

Rain followed us throughout most of the prairies, the sun eventually came out and I actually seen the end of a rainbow in Fort Macleod, Alberta. I looked but didn’t see no pot of gold waiting there (fanciful thought I know, but it sure would have been sweet).

We got some great shots of the mountains and a beautiful church.

So now I’m home to stay in BC until spring once again touches Ontario.