Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day

Today’s the day we pay tribute to the beautiful blue orb we live on. It’s amazing to think of all the living species we live amongst on our delicate planet.

In celebration of Earth Day, I’m going to go outside, soak up my surroundings and count my blessings that we live on such a beautiful planet.

I’m pleased to say my family and I took part in Earth Hour for the last two years and shut off the lights. I’m trying to incorporate it in our daily life and use lights when only necessary. It’s something small but in the end it adds up.

I received the cutest e-mail and I thought it would be perfect for today.

I hope you enjoy.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Writer’s Muddle

I’m three quarters into my current manuscript; the hero and heroine are finally getting along and now I have to disrupt the whole thing. I have to shatter their world and break them apart but the problem is how?

This is the part writer’s refer to as Middle Muddle; it’s easy to get stuck here. But it’s a part where you must gear up and plow your way through to the end. One good way is to drop a thread at the beginning of the story where you can pick up and tangled their lives once again. I’m at that crucial point right now and hope I don’t drop a stitch and leave a gaping hole near the end. Ugh.

It’s a little nerve wracking. There’s a famous writer (I can’t remember his name at the moment) who said to entertain the reader on every page. I couldn’t agree more with him. I want the sparks to fly off the page. I want to entertain my readers and leave them eager to read my next book. Hopefully with a little luck they’ll remember my name when the next one comes out.

(Fingers crossed).

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Blog Block

Being a writer I had my fair share of writer’s block. Fortunately with the joys of fiction, I somehow manage to daydream a turn of events where I can write my characters back on the road of happily-ever-after.

But with blog block it’s entirely different. Instead of writing fiction, I’m supposed to write something pertaining to my life.

As you can see, my last blog was in January. Cough… The months do go by quickly.

So I shall get back on my blog–horse and try again!

Let's see... What's new in my life...

I paid a visit to my dentist. He must be doing well for his office is totally redone with curving mahogany cabinets and black granite counters (I didn’t ask if they were real or imitation, I was too preoccupied at this point). Grimace. However, I did notice the dentist chairs, a luxury to be sure to sit in, they were sleek, black and they actually vibrated! I felt that our small town had gone uptown New York!

As for my dentist appointment, my teeth are good as new:)