Sunday, February 17, 2008

Ugh, More Snow

This is the longest winter I can remember in years. It started in November and hasn’t let up. I suppose it wouldn’t be so bad if I enjoyed winter activities. I can say the unusually long season has brought out the best in some of the most dedicated summer lovers. They even went so far as to buy snow machines. (I guess they knew something I didn’t as for how long the snow would last).

My dog Lucy loves the white powdery substance. The chill of it doesn’t bother her in the least. You would think she was in the Caribbean the way she romps about in it. She pounces into a snow bank, her face buried beneath its surface as if she were snorkeling in a lagoon in her pursuit of a mole… Or field mouse… Or whatever catches her scent.

In Lucy’s wake she always leaves icy puddles of water in the house as she transforms from snow dog to terrier mix before our eyes.

As for me I keep straining my eyes in hopes of seeing a patch green as a signal that spring is around the bend.


Marly Mathews said...

She looks like a real snow dog! LOL


Angelique Newman said...

Hi Marly! Yeah that's Lucy alright. I think she enjoys it when she's covered in snow, especially when she tries to jump on my parent's lap. LOL