Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Woopee Cushion

Innocent enough looking with its pillow-soft appearance but since my seven-year-old nephew received this gift for Christmas, it has mysteriously made its rounds repeatedly through the house placed on unsuspecting victims seats. Of course there are the bold moves where it’s squeezed in your ear or face.

The joy it brings!

It reminds me of my brother when he was eleven and he bought and sat on a Whoopee Cushion in a crowded mall. My mother and I were totally taken off guard, looking peculiarly guilty ourselves as people walked past and gave us dirty looks.

Yes those were the days. (We laugh as we think back on it now, but at the time we would have liked to crawl under a rock).

The Whoopee Cushion my nephew got is sadly losing its will to inflate, perhaps too much use over the holidays. Heck, the children even tried and succeeded in getting the family dog to sit on it.

So if next year you’re having trouble deciding what to get the youngster in your life a gift that will be a hit, I’m pretty sure the Whoopee Cushion is the way to go. Just be on the lookout if they try to take it to the mall.

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