Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas with Our Dog Lucy

Having no children of my own, I spoil our dog Lucy and she milks for all it’s worth. We sent parcels back east to my family and wrapped up a present for their dog; Lucy knowing it was a toy tried numerous times to sneak it out of the box—when it comes to toys and treats it’s impossible to hide it from her.

Christmas eve she woke up to go outside, once indoors she stopped by the Christmas tree knowing her presents were there. She gave a whimper, but she was told she had to wait until morning.

Since we’re staying at my grandparents for the winter in their basements suite, their dog Sally comes downstairs and visits often; so naturally they had to open their gifts together.

Sally with her toy:

Lucy checking Sally's toy:

Sally wearing a big smile after opening her present:

Lucy wanting more presents:

Lucy trying out her new toy:

Lucy loving all of her presents:

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