Saturday, June 26, 2010

Gerard Butler or Clive Owen; Which One Tugs At Your Heart?

Each actor carries a distinct accent, one Scottish the other English. Butler seeming to have a more carefree nature while Owen seeming more serious. There’s a smoldering sensuality about these two that’s igniting females hearts. And how could they not with movies like Gerard Butler’s P.S. I Love You and Clive Owen’s Duplicity.

For me it’s Clive Owen who will carry my heroine off into the sunset.

And you? Who will it be? Which one will play hero in your manuscripts?

Gerard Butler or Clive Owen


Paisley Kirkpatrick said...

Gerard Butler does it for me. I find that my heroes all seem to resemble him in many ways. No competition here as far as I am concerned. GERARD BUTLER IS NO. 1!

Angelique Newman said...

Hi Paisley,

Yeah Gerard Butler is tempting. I love his personality and that accent...

It was a hard call for me, but Clive Owen tip the scales for my hero.

Thanks for commenting:)

Michele said...

GERARD BUTLER, DEFINITELY!!! Don't get me wrong, Clive is wonderful, but Gerard is the total package. He is funny, goofy, smart, kind, caring, generous, loving, and sometimes he does dumb stuff, just like all of us! Come to think of it, Clive is probably all of those things, too, but I just know about Gerard more. There is just something about him that grabbed me and won't let go! LOL

Angelique Newman said...

Hi Michele,

lol Thanks for commenting.

I had a feeling Gerard would get more votes. He has a great list of movies that does a heart good with all those appealing qualities. I have to say, the man does tend to linger in the thoughts :)