Thursday, November 4, 2010

Testing Different Waters

I’ve been writing for years. Admittedly I’m commitment shy when it comes to sending my manuscript away—the fear of contracts looms like dark clouds over my head. (It’s strange, I know. Every writer dreams of a contract). Why am I different? I don’t know; I wish I knew so I could move forward.

Perhaps other writers share my phobia. There is hope though; I’ve come upon ways to help boost your confidence. Contests are a good source to let your manuscript see the light of day and to get that all-important feedback. Blogging is another way to share your voice with the outside world. It’s exciting, fun and lets you create outside of the boundaries of your manuscript.

Recently, I’ve tried another avenue. I started writing for Wikinut where you can write about almost anything and get paid for it. When you’re through writing the article it looks like a page from a magazine—you selected the material, the pictures and the look of it. It’s a great outlet but this is by no means an end to my writing on manuscripts and getting them published… For me it’s baby steps. In fact my manuscript is sitting on my desktop, ready to be sent. And I will be… soon.

Right now, I’m dipping my toe in different waters as I work on my manuscripts on the side and I’m having a wonderful time doing it :-) On Wikinut three of my four articles got stars! I’m so excited about it. Here is the link to my articles if you want to take a look. or take a look to the right side of the screen and you'll see my articles.

Another plus side for writing on an online site, you’re building a portfolio and can mention in your query letter to an agent and editor that you’re a freelance writer.

This is one of the links where you can join and write for Wikinut;

One of the things with writing is that you have to enjoy it. Always keep those creative juices flowing. Happy writing on whatever you may choose :)

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