Monday, April 4, 2011

Keeping Up Appearances

By that I mean “social networking” it may sound easy but as a writer you’re delving into limited resources such as time to accomplish the goal. There’s no easy way around it and unfortunately, it’s a must in today’s competitive market.

You want your name out there so people (your readers) can get to know what you are about. They followed your blogs, tweets on Twitter, they corresponded with you on forums such as RT Book Reviews or RWA Online chapter or any number of forums. Or read your articles on sites such as Hubpages or Wikinut Your name becomes familiar and easier to spot in bookstores or wherever they choose to get a book.

Beside the time and energy it takes to put into networking, you’re selling yourself as an author and the reader will get a feel for your writing through the posts you submit. In this tough economic time, it’s hard to part with money, so the reader wants to make certain they find the most satisfying read for them. I like to think of it like matchmaking a reader to an author. Perhaps it’s the romantic side in me.

So pace yourself and always put your manuscript first; but when you have the chance interact with others and get to know your viewers; you never know you may just find a match and be put on someone’s must read list.

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