Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Behind The Heart Pumping, Nail Biting Thrill Of Contests.

The 2008 Golden Heart finalists were announced yesterday. I played it cool, but I have to admit every time the phone rang my heart jolted with the possibility that it was RWA informing me that I was a finalist. I stayed on the computer all day working on a manuscript and checking the message boards. I’d tried to keep busy - - after all it was just a contest. Well… It was the ultimate contest - -the cream of the crop for unpublished romance writers. One I had dreamed about for years.

The sun sank lower. I parted ways from the computer for dinner then returned to my post, my ever trusting computer, trying to keep busy. Unfortunately, 10:00 PM looked back at me from the bottom of my computer screen after an exhausting and titillating day of checking Judi Fennell’s blog (Judi you did an awesome job with keeping us up to speed. Thanks). But alas I had to concede defeat. I wasn’t going to get the call.

I have to congratulate all the finalists, I checked out some of your web sites and read your excerpts, it was well deserved. Good luck on the finals and get those puppies published. I can’t wait to see them in bookstores!

As for me, I’m going to focus on the RITA award for next year because I’m determined to get my manuscript published before then.

Fingers crossed.


Judi Fennell said...

Just saw this - glad you enjoyed it! I had a blast taking the news from everyone and look for me to do it again in 2009!

Angelique Newman said...

Hi Judi, what a pleasure to see you read my blog:)

Unfortunately, I won't be entering for the 2009 Rita award, but I'm definitely thinking about entering the Golden Heart again.

Have to love the thrill of a contest.